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Christy Lozano » Physical Education at McKinley Elementary

Physical Education at McKinley Elementary

Physical Education at McKinley Elementary School is an important part of our school culture.  We begin each morning by running as an entire school on the blacktop of our campus.  It is a great way to start our day as a community and build our health together.  
At McKinley, I focus on the fitness of children as a top priority and we focus on the 5 components of fitness as a baseline for all the other activities that we do.  The students learn about flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardio vascular exercise, and body composition.  In the four years I have been at McKinley, the students have grown in the understanding of these five components and they have seen improvements in these aspects of their own physical development.   
We also works on many other skills such as teamwork, confidence, endurance, perseverance, and resiliency.  I make sure the physical education classroom is a safe environment for students to learn, try new things, and take safe risks to help them build confidence and develop their skills.  
We do a variety of amazing and fun activities such as tennis, volleyball, golf, dance, bicycling, running, bowling, drumming, etc.  Most student love to come to P.E. and work hard and have fun.  The confidence level of many students has risen over the past four years.
Last year during our running program, we had 25 students reach 100+ miles, the first two being two first graders, Felix and Steven.  We had 125 kids reach 75 miles and over half of the school reach 50 miles.  The students at McKinley have accomplished many things these past four years and the teachers, staff, and parents are very proud of them.  A few quotes from some of my students says it all...
"Coach, what you have taught me is that when I fall down, I can get back up and keep going"--
"Coach, what I have learned in PE is sportsmanship...