McKinley Elementary School

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School Behavior Expecations

McKinley Elementary School


Make Good Decisions

Show Respect

Solve Problems


School Wide Behavioral Expectations

No library during first recess
Each teacher will have five library passes for lunch recess only
Students will engage in appropriate play and conversation
Students will use voice levels 0-2
Dismissal/Back Gate
Designate a waiting area for families - where should that be? I am doing a presentation for families on August 29
Encourage students to go directly home
Students keep their hands to themselves and have appropriate conversations
Students report to office after 3:10
Lining up
Line Up
Keep your hands to yourself
Get in “specials” order with teacher
Go the bathroom
Use the bathroom
Wash your hands
Go back to class
Use equipment in designated area
No personal equipment
Put equipment away according to map
Students use hallway bathroom
Use “zero” signal
Stay in line
Keep your hands to yourself
Voice level 0
Before school
Students wait at benches before yard duty
All students report to the blacktop
Students do not hang up their backpacks in the hallways
Cafeteria/Second Breakfast
Students get food, eat, collect trash
Cleanest tables get the class bear
Lunch Transitions
Kinder, 2-6 walk 3-6 Hallway to cafeteria
Yard duty takes parking lot path to to playground
Rainy Day
Before school, kinder students go to classroom
Grades 1-6 in auditorium, students are dismissed to classrooms at 8:25AM
Second chance breakfast in outside hallway
Teachers will talk auditorium and pick them up
Teachers take students to cafeteria for lunch
Students have lunch recess in auditorium
Teachers pick up students in auditorium