McKinley Elementary School

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School Profile

Supervision begins at 8:00 a.m. on the playground by a duty supervisor. Parents are sent reminders throughout the year that students are not to come to school before 8:00a.m.. There is an after school program for students whose parents pay a small monthly fee to have them in activities. The program is a state funded program locally named the A-OK program. Students may also by teacher selection attend teacher tutorials after school. Students who do not participate in any of these programs are required to go home directly after school.


All visitors are asked to sign in at the school office. Parents are requested to sign out their children for medical appointments, etc.


McKinley School has adequate space for regular and special education classrooms. The school has small office space for support personnel. McKinley's school's buildings and classrooms were modernized in 1986. The McKinley school site is maintained by the district. All toilets are in working order. Gardeners come once a week and facilities staff come every three to four months to complete small work orders. A day and a night custodian manage the day-to-day cleaning tasks.