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Principal Message - February 1

Dear McKinley Families,

Santa Barbara Unified School District is committed to antiracism, equity, and access to improve learning outcomes for all students.  Our McKinley staff is also dedicated to this same mission.  This month we are beginning Black History Month and February 1-5 is The National Black Lives Matter Week of Action.  Teachers and staff were provided resources to help increase awareness surrounding these causes. We are dedicated to helping all of our students succeed!

This principal message also includes important information about BEAR PAWS, attendance, grading in our Specials classes, two important parent surveys, and important dates. 


Elena Garcia-Yoshitomi, Ed.D.


New Updates

What are BEARPAWS, BEAR BAGS, and the BEAR Guidelines!

Students can get awarded BEARPAWS for following the BEAR guidelines!

B - Be ready to learn

E - Engaged

A - Activate the brain

R - Responsible

S - Safety

When students get 5 tickets they can get a BEAR BAG!  These students got 5 BEARPAWS and can come to the office for their prizes! CONGRATULATIONS! Prizes include a book and toys!


Godinez Lazaro

Ms. Esquivel- K



Ms. Gaxiola- K


Infante Morales

Mrs. Brooks- 1st grade


Rojas Santana

Mrs. Brooks- 1st grade


Rosas Ramos

Mrs. Brooks- 1st grade


Hernandez Esparza

Ms. Jacobs- 2nd grade



Ms. Jacobs- 2nd grade


Ordaz Soriano

Ms. Jacobs- 2nd grade


Rutilo Jr.

Ms. Jacobs- 2nd grade



Ms. Jacobs- 2nd grade



Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade



Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade


Clemente Calel

Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade


Garcia Bustos

Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade



Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade



Ms. Jimenez- 3rd grade


Gonzalez Rodriguez

Mr. Santana- 5th grade



Mrs. Speer- 5th grade



Mr. Baskett- 6th grade


Pop Hernandez

Mr. Baskett- 6th grade



Mr. Baskett- 6th grade

Importance of Attendance

Please make sure that your students are attending their zoom classes throughout the instructional day. This is a requirement set by California Ed Code 48293a. If needed, the school will organize meetings specifically about attendance and if you and are family are in this situation. Let’s all be BEARS and BE READY TO LEARN! GO BEARS!

Music, STEAM, and PE announcements

All students receive either a 1, 2, 3, or 4 on report cards in all subjects.  When students do not attend Music, STEAM or PE class they can receive a 1.  A 1 means that they are not meeting the class’s expectations or attending class.  Students may receive better grades but they have to attend zoom classes or complete independent work. Our Music and STEAM teacher assign work on google classroom and our PE teacher has a weekly survey students can complete on the school PE website. Click here for more information on Music, STEAM, and PE.  Let’s all be BEARS and ENGAGE with our classes!


Please be careful when coming to McKinley to pick up your child’s supplies.  We have a lot of heavy construction these next couple weeks for our STEAM lab.  In fact, this will take almost a year! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

California Healthy Kids Survey

We welcome all parents to complete the California Healthy Kids Survey.  This survey allows parents to express their opinion of the school.  These surveys help us make better decisions on serving our students and families. We would appreciate this survey to be completed by February 26. This survey is anonymous and will not be shared! Let’s be ENGAGED and ACTIVATE THE BRAIN to help the school!

Parent Survey - English

Parent Survey - Spanish

ELAC Needs Survey

We also have the ELAC needs survey!  This is another confidential survey for families of Emergent Multilingual Students.  This survey asks specific questions about school programs and services offered to Emergent Multilingual students.  Please click on this link to begin the ELAC Needs Assessment Questionnaire. Parents have until Friday, February 26th to complete the survey. It will take 7-10 minutes to complete and is bilingual in Spanish and English. If you need support completing the survey or have any questions please feel free to call the Family Engagement Unit at 805-696-2701 or our school office. 

Reminders for Last Message


All incoming TK and Kindergarten students must enroll for school. The minimum age for kindergarten is 5 years by September 1. Transitional Kindergarten is 5 years old between September 2-December 2. If you have any questions regarding enrollment please contact our front office.

Please know that we will begin our dual language immersion program at McKinley for the 2021-2022 school year.  For more information on dual language immersion please visit our school website:  

Food Distribution

We will continue to distribute 40 boxes of food to families at McKinley Elementary School.  This will happen each Friday from 11:00AM-1:30PM.  Please be careful with parking and construction. 

Important Dates - Check the calendar at for all updates

December 1 - January 29 - Student enrollment for kindergarten and new students

Enroll for Kindergarten Dual Language Immersion Program!

February 10 - ELAC 6PM-7PM Zoom Code: 359 959 2750

February 11 - SSC 6PM-7PM

February 12 - Holiday (No School)

February 14 - Holiday (No School)

February 19 - Behavior Assemblies

February 19 - Student TownHall Meeting 2PM

February 23 - Social Emotional Parent Lunch Meeting 12PM-1PM

February 24 - Social Emotional Parent Night 6PM-7PM