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Principal Message

Dear McKinley Families,

I hope you have stayed cool during this hot week! Recently the Santa Barbara Unified School District School Board passed for all schools to reopen January 19. McKinley Elementary will be one of those schools! Attached to this parentsquare message are videos explaining how we are preparing for this important occasion. We have designated areas for dismissal, arrival, and socially distanced bathrooms.

McKinley and all other Santa Barbara Unified schools will be opening as a hybrid learning model. In a hybrid learning model students come to campus on certain days of the week. Families can also decide if they prefer the distance learning model. A survey will be sent to all families asking for their preference. McKinley Elementary School will also be forming a committee of parents, faculty, and staff to advise on distance learning and hybrid learning models. Please send me a parentsquare message if you are interested in participating in this committee. Here we share ideas on safety and problem solve!

Thank you for your teamwork. Distance learning has been challenging but successful with your support!

Elena Garcia-Yoshitomi, Ed.D.
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Great American Shakeout and Board Meeting

Hello McKinley Familes!

I am so proud of all our teachers and students’ hard work during distance learning. Since March we have been working on our children’s education together even though we have been apart. Tonight, the school board will have their board meeting at 6:30PM. You may see the agenda and zoom link at the Santa Barbara Unified School District website.

On Thursday, October 15 at 10:15AM, all Santa Barbara Unified School District teachers will be conducting an earthquake drill with students through their zoom classes. This is known as the Great American Shakeout! Teachers are going to review how to drop, cover, and hold on when there is an earthquake! They will then discuss the importance of safety during all emergencies.

Safety is always our number one priority. For any questions or concerns you may always call the front office.

Thank you for everything,
Elena Garcia-Yoshitomi, Ed.D.
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PTA October 7 at 5:30PM

October 7
PTA Meeting
Zoom Code: 359 959 2750
Zoom Link:

Call to order/Llamada de orden
Approval of February 2020 Minutes/Aprobar minutos del febrero 2020
Approval of agenda/Aprobar el agenda
Present nominations/Nominaciones
Elections of Officers/Elecciones
Review 2019-2020 Budget/Repasar el presupuesto del 2019-2020
Approval of 2020-2021 Budget/Aprobar el presupuesto del 2020-2021
Approval of Axcess Book Fundraiser/Aprobar el recaudar de fondos con Axcess
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ELAC October 8

McKinley Elementary School

Comité asesor de alumnos que aprenden inglés (ELAC)
8 de octubre
Zoom Code: 359 959 2750
Zoom Link:


Llamada al orden
Asuntos previos

1. Elecciones
2. Presidente - Jackie Vasquez
3. Vice President - Jessica Flores
4. Secretaria - Claudia Torres
5. Representante de DLAC - Puesto Vacantes
6. Importancia de la asistencia regular a la escuela
7. Análisis del Plan Escolar

Identificación y colocación de los estudiantes multilingües emergentes.

ELPAC; Métodos de administración y análisis de los resultados.

Reclasificación y seguimiento del progreso de estudiantes reclasificados.

Programas educativos y META


Próxima junta de ELAC: TBD

Próxima junta de DLAC: 27 de octubre

McKinley Elementary School

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)
October 8
Zoom Code: 359 959 2750
Zoom Link:



Call to order

Old Business
Nominations and elections for vacant positions
President - Jackie Vasquez
Vice President - Jessica Flores
Secretary - Claudia Torres
Importance of regular school attendance
Review of School Plan

Identification and Placement of Emergent Multilingual Learners
ELPAC; Method of administration and analysis of results
Reclassification and monitoring progress of reclassified students
Instructional Programs and META


Next ELAC meeting: TBD

Next DLAC meeting: October 27
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