Mission & Vision

We believe all children can learn at high levels; therefore; we will give them the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.  We will clearly state expectations, will be open to share ideas, will provide a consistent curriculum, and will promote cultural awareness.  Positive reinforcement will enhance school pride, spirit, and self-concept.  We will work with the community to be a neighborhood focal point.  We will have a stimulating learning environment for children, staff, and parents.

We believe that the best way for us to meet our mission is to work together as a professional collaborative team.  We envision a school in which all members of our community are given opportunities to learn at high levels.  Through our unique focus of developing STEM literacy and enduring scientific habits of mind, our professional community will:
·      View all members of our school community as learners (students, parents, staff)
·      Work together in focused collaboration
·      Hold high and rigorous expectations
·      Prepare all members of McKinley’s school community for the future

Here is our State Accountability Report Card. Click here!